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Volunteers celebrate "Earth Day" in North Richmond and dedicate a community garden on Fred Jackson Way

On "Earth Day" Saturday, April 21, 2012, adult and children volunteers came out for a day of service and family fun to help clean-up and improve the environment of the North Richmond Community. Volunteers were given the opportunity to either assist with the development of community gardens, or to pick up litter in target locations in North Richmond. After their clean-up efforts, volunteers and community members were invited for a celebration at the Fred Jackson Harmony Garden dedication, on Fred Jackson Way. The Community "Earth Day" Event in North Richmond was organized by a combination of resident groups and local non-profit organizations / businesses / agencies that are committed to making a difference in the environment and the health of the North Richmond Community.

2nd Annual North Richmond Green Festival 2011

The Mitigation-Funded "2nd Annual North Richmond Green Festival" took place on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at the Shields Reid Park & Community Center. Prior to the Festival, about 30 volunteer residents and community members came out to plant flowers around the Shields Reid Community Center. Volunteers also recovered litter on Chesley Avenue, and in the nearby areas surrounding the park. Richmond Code Enforcement staff picked up all of the bags which were weighed. Thanks to these volunteers, 300 pounds of trash was removed from in and around Shields Reid Park. Many local residents and community members attended the Festival, as did various government representatives such as the Mayor, County Supervisor, and City Council members to show their support and concern for the environmental and health related issues facing North Richmond. Everyone at the Festival was treated to free food and live entertainment. A wide range of environmental and health related resources were offered by different local organizations, businesses & agencies at the Festival to raise awareness about services and programs available for those living in the community.  


North Richmond Little League


North Richmond Lots of Crops

Supervisor John Gioia with Iyalode Kinney, Executive Director of CURME, at the Fred Jackson Way community garden.

Several residents are growing their own food at the garden. Produce is often given away. CURME (Lots of Crops) keeps young people employed part-time.


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