2015 Asphalt Rubber Cape Seal

Project No.:  0672-6U2149-15                   

Project Description: The work to be done generally consists of applying an asphalt rubber chip seal covered with a type II slurry seal to approximately 259,020 square yards of roadway located at two sites within Contra Costa County. Site 1 is located in East Richmond Heights area of west Contra Costa County and has a total roadway area of 172,430 square yards. Site 2 is located in the Shadow Creek area of Blackhawk in the East Contra Costa area and has a total roadway area of 86,590 square yards. Work will also include installation of 40 survey monuments, surface preparation (Not including base failure repairs and crack sealing by others), striping removal, and placement of thermoplastic striping and pavement markings.

General Location: East Richmond Heights and Blackhawk
Supervisory District: #1 and #3
Thomas Brothers Map Reference:  N/A
Contractor: American Paving Systems
Field Engineer: Indy Chadha
Phone: (925) 594-2302
Funding Source: Local Road Funds
State Date:
July 13, 2015
Estimated Completion Date: September 22, 2015

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