Peace Officer Monument

Years in the making, the Monument is the result of the determination and hard work of many. It was unveiled during National Police Week in May 2002 as a tribute to all peace officers.

This is not a memorial; there are other edifices throughout the country that honor our 14,000 officers who have died in the line of duty. We shall never forget them and their heroic deeds. Instead, this monument honors all peace officers who have, are, or will dedicate their professional lives to serving citizens and making our communities safe.

Peace Officer Monument
The circle of badges and shields at the statue base signify both the perpetual unity and equality of each agency. The placement of the badges and shields represents the order in which each agency was established.

The monument seems simple – a bronze statue of a peace officer standing next to a little boy. However, it represents service, respect, and community, which form the foundation of a successful partnership between law enforcement and those we serve.

Special thanks goes to all of the volunteers, groups, agencies, companies, and individuals who raised money for this project. You all made the monument a reality and we cannot thank you enough.