DA Commentary

Our Office Philosophy

Our fundamental purpose is to promote and achieve justice in the county we serve.We will work to enhance public safety, to make certain our community is safe and secure.We will hold criminal offenders accountable for their actions.We will protect the rights of victims of crime.We will work to prevent crime.

We strive for case dispositions that are fair and just, that enhance public safety, and that vindicate victims’ rights.Deterrence and terms of incarceration are not the sole criteria by which we’ll measure our success. We consider public safety and rehabilitation in resolving cases.We’ll work in close conjunction with our partners in law enforcement, and constantly remind ourselves that our citizens are our ultimate clients.

We want to serve the public efficiently, effectively, intelligently, and in a manner that maximizes our resources.We’ll measure success by (1) how close we come to achievingjustice, in each and every one of our cases, and (2) how much safer we render our community.We’ll also work to provide the opportunity for offenders to reintegrate back into society.

In order to achieve these goals, we’ll operate as a professional organization.We’ll adopt the best practices used in the industry.We’ll strive for an office that is respected statewide.We want to provide each employee with challenging and fulfilling assignments.In doing so, we hope to attract the best and the brightest prosecutors and support staff.We want our employees to take ownership of our mission, and to become engaged in helping us achieve success.

We value honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct.We value intelligence as well as common sense.We value diligence and hard work.We value courtesy, collegiality and collaboration – both inside the office, and outside it.We’ll treat coworkers, opposing counsel, judges, and the public with respect.

By doing so, we hope to render our homes, schools, and workplaces safer; divert youth from crime; provide offenders the opportunity to become productive, law abiding citizens; and achieve justice for all.

”Seek justice, serve justice, do justice.”