Home Supervision

home supervision1The Home Supervision Unit consists of Juvenile Electronic Monitoring (JEM), supervising two levels of minors:
  • Pre-Disposition = minors not yet sentenced and considered to be "in the custody" of Juvenile Hall.
  • Post-Disposition = minors currently on probation and placed on HS for a specific amount of time.
Both programs offer minors an opportunity to reside at home, in lieu of secure detention.

Home Supervision staff will supervise Pre-Disposition minors.  They will report to the court on the compliance of the minor and parents/legal guardians.

Probation Officers will continue to supervise the Post-Disposition minors.  They also report to the court on the compliance of the minors and parents/legal guardians.

Supervision of Minors
home supervision2 Home Supervision staff provide intense supervision of minors by way of daily telephone calls, field contact and random drug testing. Minors are contacted at home, school and work without prior notice.

The parents and legal guardians are responsible for supervising minors placed on JEM and are required to report any violations to either Home Supervision staff or Probation Officers.

If minors violate the law, HS rules or become a threat to the community, Home Supervision staff have the authority to arrest and detain pre-disposition minors on the program.