C.W. Rogers

C.W. Rogers
C. W. Rogers
1889 - 1895
A native Californian, Rogers entered the butcher business in Walnut Creek and later built the Ala Costa Inn with his brother. In this era nearly every town and settlement had its own constable, an elected official responsible for keeping the peace.

Such public officials were paid not with money but with honor. Rogers was elected Constable for different areas both before and after his tenure as Sheriff. He served in the days when land squatters caused much trouble for the settler.

While he was Sheriff, two men were deputized to patrol the entire county. He also worked in conjunction with many constables. After his stint of public service, Rogers was put in charge of the pumping and water testing station of the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Rogers' memberships included the Native Sons of the Golden West, Woodsmen of the World, and the Republican Party.