Office of Reentry and Justice

The Office of Reentry and Justice was officially launched in January 2017 as a 2.5 year pilot project of the County Administrator’s Office to align and advance the County’s public safety realignment, reentry, and justice programs and initiatives; it is primarily funded by AB 109 Public Safety Realignment revenues from the state. It has oversight of the Youth Justice Initiative, the development of the countywide Ceasefire Program, the Racial Justice Task Force, and the AB 109 Community Programs.

The scope and responsibilities of the ORJ include:

  • coordinating a broad array of reentry, public safety realignment, and justice-related services;
  • facilitating collaborative efforts around policy development, operational practices and supportive services;
  • advancing knowledge of relevant issues, research and best-practices in the fields of reentry, public safety realignment, and justice;
  • fostering capacity-building and partnership development;
  • leading the procurement process and contract management for community-based reentry service providers;
  • identifying and developing new initiatives and funding opportunities to support the work;
  • supporting legislative advocacy;
  • managing data and evaluation of funded services; and
  • conducting public outreach, information sharing and community engagement.
The Office of Reentry & Justice will be staffed by Lara DeLaney, Senior Deputy County Administrator serving as Director of the ORJ; Deputy Director Donté Blue; and Senior Management Analyst Kevin Corrigan. 

Lara brings to the ORJ over 18 years of management experience and leadership in the County Administrator’s Office, including 6 years on reentry and public safety realignment projects, 11 years of work in legislative affairs, and 7 years in the budget division. 

Donté was appointed Deputy Director of ORJ in January 2017, after helping to develop many of our local reentry programs as the County’s Reentry Coordinator the past two years. He brings a wealth of experience in the legal system, designing and implementing social service programming, guiding the development of multi-stakeholder initiatives, and working on various reentry related activities across the state. 

Kevin has over 37 years of management, analysis and budgetary experience. For the past 23 years he has worked with Contra Costa County in both Health Services and most recently in the CAO’s office, supporting the Health & Human Services Division. Kevin brings expertise in budget oversight and personnel management, preparation of strategic plans, contract administration, developing collaborative projects, and creating and maintaining community based coalitions.