Establishing a Non-Conforming Use

Submitting Information
To establish a "legal non-conforming" (grandfather) status of the use of a parcel, sufficient information must be submitted to the Community Development Department to clearly support that the use was established prior to the zoning of the property and continued to the present.

Information which may be submitted for review includes:
  • Copies of information from the Assessor's Office at (925) 313-7400 indicating the current use code, how long the property has been assessed for that use, and a history of assessment from prior to 1948 to the present
  • Three notarized declarations under oath from people with personal knowledge of the property and its uses from March 1947 to present which should:
    • Be on the form provided
    • Be in the words of the signer of the form
    • Explain the nature of the use and how the person knows of the use
    • Include supporting documents such as receipts and photographs if needed