Early Warning Signs of Teen Dating

A teen in your life tells you their boy/girlfriend is hurting them, harassing them and/or forcing them into sexual situations. What do you do?

  • Assure the person that what is happening to them is not right, it’s not their fault and everyone deserves a healthy, respectful relationship.
  • Offer to help them look for local resources to keep them safe.
  • Ask them if there is an adult at their school, like a teacher, counselor or principal or a parent they can talk with to help them stay safe.
  • Check in with them to see if they are safe and offer to help them involve individuals resources to help make the abuse stop.

The guys on your team are constantly making lewd, rude or degrading comments about women and girls or calling each other names that imply they are "weak like girls." What do you do>

  • Speak up that their comments are degrading to their teammates and to women in general and it’s not cool with you.
  • Talk to teammates individually about the situation and ask that they not join in those behaviors.
  • Ask the coach to talk to the team, or individual, about how harassment and the degradation of women and girls is not okay.
What are the Signs?