Morgan Territory Road Bridge Repair, Bridges

Project Information

Project No.:  0662-6U4145              

Project Description:  The work to be done generally consists of repairs and improvements to two bridges on Morgan Territory Road.  Work includes repairs to existing rock abutments, replacement of timber railings and installation of Midwest guardrail systems, installation of rock slope protection on creek banks near abutments, and roadway repairs to asphalt pavement at the bridges and approaches. 
General Location: Clayton area                  
Supervisory District: #3       
Thomas Brothers Map Reference:  634 G-3 & H-3       
Contractor: Hess Concrete Construction Co., Inc.                
Project Engineer: Randy Sanders              
Phone: (925) 766-5722             
Start Date: July 9, 2018             
Estimated Completion Date: Sept 17, 2018
Funding Source: Gas Tax

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