Appointment Procedures of the Board of Supervisors

Procedures for Managing Appointments, Resignations, and Vacancies

Committee staff liaisons must coordinate with the County Administrator's Office to arrange for Board Orders (recommending appointments) to go before the standing committee (when required) and Board of Supervisors for approval, including submitting complete application materials for review. Sample formats for appointment processing documents appear in Appendix 18.

Appointment procedures were adopted by the Board of Supervisors in two separate Resolutions. Both Resolutions appear in Appendix 20 of the Advisory Body Handbook. They should be consulted for specific guidance concerning the County's appointment procedures.

Advisory Boards or Committees

Resolution 2011/477 governs procedures for appointments to advisory committees, boards and commissions created by the Board of Supervisors.

Independent Boards or Committees

Resolution 2011/478 describes procedures for appointments to independent boards commissions, and committees, including appointments that are first reviewed by a Board Standing Committee(s).

Committee staff should coordinate with the County Administrator's Office and Office of the Clerk of the Board to coordinate the appointment process pursuant to the guidelines that appear in the appropriate Board Resolution.

For any questions concerning the Resolutions or the procedures to follow to submit applications to the Board of Supervisors for consideration, contact the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors at 925-335-1900.


Recruitment should be as widespread and broad based as possible, using all avenues available. Copies of any recruitment announcement issued by the committee should be sent to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors for posting in the County building. Suitable recruitment sources include public libraries, the County webpage, and public interest announcements in local newspapers or other media.

Social media should only be used to recruit applicants provided that an announcement also appears on the County website.

County policy requires that, unless otherwise provided in the law, appointees must reside or work in Contra Costa County.


Some committee remembers may find it necessary to resign before their term expires. Committee members who wish to resign should notify committee staff as soon as possible.

A resignation results in an “unscheduled vacancy” which must be reported to the Board of Supervisors. Committee liaisons or District Office staff should submit a Board Order to CAO to be included in the Board of Supervisor’s agenda to “announce the vacancy. ” Once the Board Order is approved, Clerk of the Board must advertise the vacancy for at least 10 days before a new appointment can be made (under State law). Active recruitment for the vacancy should occur during this time.

Managing Vacancies

There are two types of vacancies. The difference in the two types of vacancies depends on whether or not the seat term has expired when the vacancy occurs.

Some vacancies occur automatically when the term of appointment expires; this is called a "scheduled vacancy." Of course, some vacancies also occur before the end of the appointed term for a variety of reasons; these are called "unscheduled" vacancies

Unscheduled vacancies require publication of a Vacancy Notice by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors for at least 10 days, before a new appointment can be made for the unexpired term.

1. Scheduled Vacancies
A scheduled vacancy occurs when the seat term expires. The Clerk of the Board posts a list every January 1 on the County website, showing the scheduled vacancies (including the scheduled seat expiration dates) that will occur during the following calendar year. In addition, the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors will update all the official committee rosters maintained on the Count website, to reflect vacancies resulting from expired terms as they occur. In addition, the Clerk of the Board publishes an updated list every week of all current committee vacancies on the County web site.
2. Unscheduled Vacancies
An unscheduled vacancy occurs when a committee member leaves the committee for any reason before the end of the appointed term of office. Unscheduled vacancies must be recognized officially by the Board of Supervisors (through a Board Order). An official notice of the vacancy must be posted by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors for at least ten business days, before a new appointment can be approved.
Announcing Unscheduled Vacancies:

Committee staff should submit a draft Board Order for unscheduled vacancies only to the County Administrator's Office to add the required vacancy announcement to the Board of Supervisor's agenda. "Unscheduled vacancies" cannot be filled until the required 10-day posting is complete following approval of the agenda item. The subsequent appointment (to fill the vacated seat) requires a separate Board Order.

A SAMPLE FORMAT for Board Orders to announce an unscheduled vacancy appears in Appendix 18.