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"I have used the IWF Frame Shop to frame photographs and other works of art for display in my office and home.  Rick Boughton runs a professional operation and can mount and frame anything.  The Frame Shop offers a large selection of frame and matting material to match any decor.  I highly recommend the IWF Frame Shop as a budget conscious solution for all your framing projects."  - Roxane Gruenheid

“I have had the Frame Shop frame several pieces of art work that I have purchased. I was a little weary due to inmates working on these pieces. Rick who runs the Frame Shop works hand and hand with the inmates under constant supervision, giving the inmates a vocational skill that they can use when they get released from custody. Rick has a wide variety of high quality frames, and matting to fit all your needs. Rick is also very knowledgeable and can help you choose the right combinations and colors. The prices charged are below what you will spend in other frame shops, and the workmanship is flawless.”  - Louie Kroll

"I have used the IWF Frame Shop for ten years now and have never been disappointed. The selection of frame styles, matting options and creative influence that is available are better than many retail frame shops!! I feel comfortable leaving my artwork at the shop because of the professional and caring staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else to get my artwork framed! And the prices are exceptional! Thanks to Rick and his staff for all of the projects they have completed for me, the pieces are now, truly, works of art!"  - Jackie Rubin

“The Frame Shop is a great solution for getting your art work out of your archive and onto the wall in a tasteful display at affordable prices. I collect Japanese prints and Balinese paintings.  The art is decorative and makes colorful interesting subjects to enjoy on the wall.

The first time I used the Frame Shop, I gave Rick a set of modern Nishijima woodblock prints that were poorly framed by a shop that lacked artistic sense.  The Frame Shop redid the work with great frames, non-glare glass and subtle matting. I was impressed by the new effective presentation of the prints. The Nisihijima work was excellent and I have used the Frame Shop since then to handle my framing needs.  The shop has done Meji era prints, Yokohama prints as well as a number of large wall sized Balinese oil paintings for me. I think the combination of taste and quality at a reasonable cost make the Frame Shop a great choice when you want to display your treasures.  - John B. Feldt

"I am always pleased with work from Rick and his staff. They offer creative solutions for mounting and preserving treasured pictures, art or memorabilia. They provide exceptional prices and consistent high quality."  - Phil LaCoste

“I recommend the Sheriff's frame shop for your consideration. The quality of workmanship is top-notch and their design aesthetic is impeccable. The fact this program trains and prepares inmates for a productive future is a worthy cause and a bonus. I have had over a dozen pieces framed by this shop and plan to continue using their terrific services.”  - S. Jacobs

 “Last year I had a piece of sports memorabilia knocked off the wall and the frame was destroyed. I brought it in to the IWF  frame shop for repair. Let me tell you this, the work was excellent, it looks better than it did when I purchased it at the store.  So if you need that special item or photo professionally framed check out the IWF Frame Shop. Quality work and great prices.”  - R. Waldrop                                                                  

“Rick Boughton and the folks at the IWF Frame Shop have handled all my framing needs for several years.  Rick has a special talent of being able to coordinate just the right framing and matting to go with any photo, artwork, or memorabilia.  I have come to love his recommendations so much that any time I have a framing need I ask for his opinions first and then just stand back and watch him work his magic.  That said, he's totally cool with performing any job at your direction.  The IWF Frame Shop has a huge selection of choices right on site and there is no job they cannot do. The prices are fantastic and I would challenge anyone to find better quality work for less.  You also have the satisfaction of knowing Rick is teaching valuable skills to others to use later in life.  I highly recommend the IWF Frame Shop.”  - Matthew Chertkow

“I had some frame work that I wanted completed. Went to several frame shops for estimates and was I taken back by several things, one was the lack of interest that was shown me and the other was price.  Needless to say I had a need that was not met. What happened then was thru referral that I found Rick and his shop. What a pleasure he is to deal with and to my amazement he was only several minutes away from the sheriff’s range where I work. The framing and layout work Rick has done for me is absolutely beautiful, I have had many complements on his work. He has framed several large prints of the golden gate bridge, three to be exact. When I picked up the last two frame jobs Rick handed me the bill, my comment was are you serious, did you make a mistake, the price was less the what other frame shops would charge for one job. If you need is frame work contact Rick.”  - Michael Baird