Fee for Service Program

The Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District provides advisory comments, environmental review comments, and technical reviews regarding drainage aspects of projects within the cities and County. Initial comments, advisory comments, and regional comments are provided by the District subject to the availability of District general funds or drainage area funds. Subsequent reviews and technical reviews of private or public projects are project-specific, thus not covered by District funds, and must be funded by the project sponsor via our Fee for Service program.

The Fee for Service program allows a city to obtain the District’s technical (peer) review comments regarding an environmental document, hydrology and hydraulics calculations, grading and improvement plans, maintenance aspects, etc. for a development via funds provided by the developer to the District. This would also apply when a public agency requests District review of a public project.

The District also charges fees for complex drainage area fee calculations and drainage area fee credit determinations. An initial deposit of funds is required, which is billed against. Any remaining balance of funds is returned, or additional funds are requested if the initial deposit is exhausted.

The District’s comments are considered advisory, do not override the local agency’s authority, and do not imply liability for the District.

Fee for Service Form