Hydrograph Standards

Draft Standard Documents
The following documents are drafts of select Contra Costa County Flood Control & Water Conservation District (FC District) standards that are in review. They contain pertinent and useful information, but could contain technical or typographical errors. Please contact Mark Boucher if you find an to report any errors.

HEC-HMS Guidance 2016-06-15 (PDF - 2386 KB) -
Latest revisions: Minor edits and and additional comments regarding HEC-HMS v3.5 and 4.0.

Further information on the parameters used in the FC District's unit hydrograph method can be found under “Hydrology Requests” in the left menu.

HMS Template Model (Draft)
The FC District will soon be making a HEC-HMS model available that is set up to run the FC District's hydrograph method. A draft of this template model can be found through the link below.

Draft_FCD_HMS_Template 2016-06-15 (zip - 122 KB)
(Right click this link and save as.)

Unzip the downloaded folder to your project file location, open it in HEC-HMS, and rename it as appropriate.

Guidance on the use of this template and how the FC District's standards are set up in the HMS model is provided in the section above under "HEC-HMS Guidance" above.