Health Care Reopener Information

Health care insurance costs have skyrocketed in the United States in recent years. Those costs have had a huge impact on any agency or business that helps employees pay for their medical insurance. Contra Costa County is no exception. Since 2000, the County’s cost to provide health insurance for employees has risen by 400%.

During this time, costs have risen sharply for employees as well, and the County is committed to working with our unions to find new approaches that can help control those costs.

Labor contracts for a number of bargaining units are being reopened for the purpose of allowing both sides to discuss ways to control the growth in health care costs.  During these discussions, the current terms and conditions  of the  contract will continue to be observed.

Leaders from all unions and bargaining units were invited to meet with the County Administrator on March 11, 2015,  to hear presentations from industry experts and to learn more about the scope of the problem and industry issues affecting the costs of health insurance.  

You can watch the video of the meeting online. 

You can also view each of the individual PowerPoint presentations:

County Administrator's Overview Presentation

Cheiron Consulting Presentation on Medical Benefit Trends in the Bay Area

Buck Consulting Presentation on Health Insurance Plan Design Options