About Our Office

The purpose of the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office is to bill, collect, invest, borrow, safeguard and disburse monies and properties. We do this on behalf of the County, other government agencies and entities, and private individuals as specified by law.

The Office serves as the County's bank and investment firm receiving, investing and safeguarding all money belonging to the school and community college districts, participating special districts, and all county departments.  The Treasury staff is responsible for more than $5 billion in funds that flow through the Treasury each year, and manages an investment portfolio of approximately $2 billion.

The Office is also responsible for billing and collecting the Secured, Unsecured, and Supplemental taxes as well as the Business License TaxTransient Occupancy Tax, Pipeline and Railroad Tax and the Unitary Tax.

Approximately 365,000 Secured bills, 48,625 Unsecured bills and 16,500 Supplemental bills are processed through this office each year. We provide payment processing services in a variety of ways, and information and assistance to individual taxpayers and mortgage professionals; and oversee tax-defaulted or delinquent tax payments, setting up payment arrangements where possible and selling delinquent properties when necessary as required by law.

Our office staff will treat everyone with respect, compassion and dignity and will always be guided by the principles of fairness and honesty. Delivering excellence in public service is our goal.

We work for you the taxpayer!