We're all familiar with the big food collection barrels that stand in every grocery store entrance-in fact, we used to have them distributed throughout County offices, too. But shortly after we started the "Counties Care Holiday Food Fight," the Food Bank persuaded us to direct our efforts toward collecting money instead of food. Why?

There are plenty of good reasons for this:

Beens11. MONEY 'S FRESH!! Money never goes out of date. The Food Bank can use our green bills any time of the year! This is especially important in those lean times of the year when the Food Bank warehouse shelves go bare.

2. IT'S PORTABLE; EASY TO CARRY!            Telescope1           
A bag of canned goods-whew! That's heavy! But money ---even if you're giving a stack of dollar bills, that's very easy to carry. A check is even easier-you write it (maybe one minute total time), tear it out of your checkbook (nanosecond,) and carry it in to the office.  And if you want to make it even easier, go to www.foodbanksccs.org/countycup and donate online!

3. THOSE DOLLARS S-T-R-E-E-E-T-C-H! Donations1
Every dollar you contribute provides the Food Bank with $4 in buying power. Or you can think of it this way: Every dollar given to the Food Bank will provide two full meals. That's SUPER buying power. Compare that to the cost of a jar of peanut butter-which is about to increase by as much as 40%!

We are in competition with the employees of Solano County to win the Big Apple Trophy, and the only way we can measure progress is by counting the money that comes in.

Our donated money purchases fresh, nutritious vegetables and fruits. And that's the kind of good food we definitely cannot donate directly, so we hope you'll donate some green to help the Food Bank green up the meals of those who have less than we do.

SO GO GREEN and help the Food Bank bring green (and red, and yellow, and orange) produce to the 125,000-plus people in Contra Costa County alone who need the help of people like us. Even a single dollar gives two full meals to someone. And when your dollar is matched by your fellow employees, and those dollars are matched by employees in another County department ---well, you can see how it builds. So forgo that Starbucks coffee and help someone--possibly your neighbor--feed his or her family this coming spring!

That's the kind of green we like!
And it's going to GIVE PEAS A CHANCE!