Buchanan Field Hangar Waiting List & Application

Buchanan Field currently has a waiting list for large hangars, t-hangars and shade hangars.  Tie-down spaces are available with no waiting list.  If you would like to add your name to one of the hangar waiting lists below, please fill out the Hangar Waiting List Application and submit it to the administrative office at 550 Sally Ride Drive in Concord. You may also scan and email the application to Airports staff.  

Please visit the Virtual Hangar Tour page to view County-owned hangars online.

Waiting Lists Last Revised:  August 1, 2017

Buchanan Field Large Hangar Waiting List

Last Name First Name Place on the List
Todd Bobby 1
Clakley Gordon Nathan 2
Logan Thomas 3
Neale Thomas 4
Dickey Scott 5
Conti Robert  6
Cassidy Richard 7
Cole Guy 8
Huttmann Alan 9
Cavote Christopher 10
Grech George 11

Buchanan Field Shade Hangar Waiting List

Last Name First Name Place on Waiting List
Herrenkohl Robert 1
Rossetter Eric 2
Burbridge Ben 3
Grech George 4
Grimes Michael 5
Humbert D.A. 6
Rolph Ronnie 7
Bernardini Jack 8
Paustian Janica 9

Buchanan Field T-Hangar Waiting List

Last Name First Name Place on the List
Ranker Christopher 1
Papaiacovou Savvas 2
Bosko David 3
Burbridge Ben 4
Budde Ron 5
Cooper Graham 6
Salimi Vincent 7
Walklet Donn 8
Rudolph Gary 9
Borhaug Jan 10
Deroque Thomas 11
Jones Dan 12
Mink Steve 13
White William 14
Hall Jim 15
Friedman David 16
Peck James 17
Epperson Matthew 18
Grago Daniel 19
Rullamas James 20
Hazarabedian Denny 21
Woll John 22
Lawson Kent 23
Grimes Michael 24
Meinbress Robert 25
Humbert D.A. 26
Call David 27
Harper Victor 28
Grech George 29
Giudice Matt 30
Todd Bobby 31
Elghawi Andre 32
Baillie Ryan 33
Potter Randy 34
Cooper Kyle 35
Rossetter Eric 36
Conti Robert 37
Rolph Ronnie 38
Bernardini Jack 39
Curtain (PG&E) Michael 40