Saranap Village

  • Overview


The project applicant, Hall Equities Group, proposes the following:

  • Redevelopment of a portion of Boulevard Way into a mixed-use village with residential uses and neighborhood-serving restaurants, services, and shops. This would be accomplished by replacing outdated buildings (majority constructed in the 1960s) with four buildings (designated Sites A, B, B1, and C) containing: 235 multi-family units - a mixture of for-sale and rental; up to approximately 30,000 square feet of street-level retail and restaurant uses; approximately 14,200 square feet of community-oriented fitness club; private amenities for use by the project’s residents; and off-street structured parking. The buildings would vary in size and each would reflect a different architectural style. The largest building, located on Site A, would contain approximately 315,500 square feet, including its garage. Building heights would vary to accommodate topographic changes across the project site, with Site A ranging in height from approximately 68 to 80 feet, Site B ranging from approximately 65 to 78 feet, Site B1 ranging from approximately 46 to 56 feet, and Site C ranging from approximately 55 to 58 feet.
  • Improvements to the Boulevard Way and Saranap Avenue rights-of-way including: reducing Boulevard Way from four lanes to two along the project frontage up to the intersection with Flora Avenue; and installing a roundabout, traffic circle, angled and parallel on-street parking, traffic calming elements, streetscape amenities, sidewalks, crosswalks, street lighting, landscaping, and utilities.


The project site is located in the unincorporated Saranap area of Contra Costa County between the cities of Walnut Creek and Lafayette, less than one quarter mile west of the Walnut Creek city limits and just south of State Highway 24. The project site consists of approximately 4.6 acres clustered around the intersection of Boulevard Way and Saranap Avenue, extending along the north and south sides of Boulevard Way and along the east side of Saranap Avenue. Properties comprising the project site are addressed as 1285, 1298, 1299, 1300, 1310, and 1326 Boulevard Way, and 1176 and 1180 Saranap Avenue.

Resources & Documents
Notice of Availability and Notice of Public Hearing for Saranap Village 
Mixed-Use Project Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report - Posted May 5, 2016

Notice of Preparation - July 24, 2015 - Recirculated Draft EIR

Notice of Availability and Notice of Public Hearing for Saranap Village Mixed-Use Project Draft Environmental Impact Report  - Posted: September 18 , 2014

Notice of Preparation -  March 19, 2014

Draft EIR (DEIR) Reference Documents
These documents are referenced in the Draft EIR above and provided here in response to a Public Records Act request.