"Get Straight Answers",
Broadcast on November 21, 2016

For veteran benefit information pertaining to California residents
go to calvet.ca.gov 

For information on California’s employment services go to  caljobs.ca.gov


The US Department of Veterans Affairs is really a one-stop-shop for veterans benefit information. Visit VA.gov today.

Contra Costa County Veterans Service Office, can provide answers to all of your benefit questions. Visit us at  

  Veterans Centers 

Concord Center 925-680-4526
Martinez Center 925-372-2000

 Contra Costa Veterans Service Office
Funding provided by CAL Vet, the California Department of Veterans Affairs 

  Veterans Centers 

Concord Center 925-680-4526
Martinez Center 925-372-2000

Call in your questions during the show:

925-313-1170 or

Ask your questions by email.
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