Daily Inspection Schedule
To view your scheduled inspection time for today, click on the Daily Building Inspection Schedules link below, enter one of the following search criteria in the Find/Search box of your PDF reader to view your inspection time frame. Your search criteria will be highlighted and the inspection time frame will be displayed on the right side of the schedule:

Permit Number (for example BIAD11-123456)
Parcel Number (for example 373262004, no dashes)
Street Address (for example 30 Muir)

Daily Inspection Schedule

Please note that the current business day's building inspection schedule is updated between 8:30 AM and 8:45 AM, Monday-Friday.

The daily inspection schedule is available in a PDF file format. You will need to have a PDF reader installed on your computer or device to view the file.
Download the free Adobe Reader

Scheduling Building Inspections
Schedule Inspections by Phone
Call (925) 646-4108
  • Inspections can be scheduled 6:30 am -11:30 pm, Monday - Sunday for the next business day through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).

Schedule Inspections Online
Use our ePermit Center to schedule building inspections.
  • You will need to register for an account and you'll have access to schedule, reschedule or cancel your inspection.
  • Cancellations and reschedules can be done online before 6:00 AM on the day of the inspection.
  • If you have missed the cut off time to reschedule or cancel an inspection, please call (925) 646-4108.
You will also see inspection time frame, inspection status and permit history in real time in our Online Permit Center.
List of Inspection Codes