Iron Horse Corridor

IHC kid on bikeThe Iron Horse Corridor in Contra Costa County stretches 18.5 miles from the Alameda County line northward to Mayette Avenue in Concord. Formerly a Southern Pacific Railroad route, the Iron Horse Corridor now features a paved multi-use trail for walking, jogging, and bicycling along with adjacent unpaved or soft trails in some areas.

The corridor also includes a number of underground utility lines such as water lines, gas pipelines, and fiber optic systems along with flood control channels, power lines, and portions of a few local streets. 

The key feature of the corridor is the paved trail known as the Iron Horse Regional Trail, managed by the East Bay Regional Park District.

Iron Horse Corridor Management Program Advisory Committee

The Iron Horse Corridor Management Program Advisory Committee was authorized by the Board of Supervisors on July 22, 1997, to assist Contra Costa County in developing a management program for the Iron Horse Corridor. The advisory committee includes seats for one representative from each jurisdiction or unincorporated community along the corridor (Alamo, City of Concord, City of San Ramon, Town of Danville, City of Walnut Creek, and City of Pleasant Hill); a District II seat; a District IV seat, and a seat for East Bay Regional Park District. 

Committee Roster

2014 Meeting Minutes

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October 2014

2015 Meeting Minutes

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2016 Meeting Minutes

February 2016 - Cancelled
May 3, 2016
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November 10, 2016

2017 Meeting Minutes 

February 6, 2017


Future Meetings

May 2017

Please contact Angela Villar, staff to the advisory committee with questions.

Contact Us

  1. Bob Hendry
    Public Works Department
    Ph: 925-674-7744

    Angela Villar
    Management Program Contact
    Ph: 925-313-2016

    Candace Andersen
    County Supervisor, District 2
    Ph: 925-957-8860

    Karen Mitchoff
    County Supervisor, District 4
    Ph: 925-521-7100