Walnut Boulevard Pedestrian and Bicycle Project

Project Information
Project No.: 0662-6R4176
Federal No.: Not applicable

Project Description
Construct a pedestrian path that meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, on the north/easterly side of Walnut Boulevard near Walnut Heights Elementary School, from Bellows Court to Clarkin Court. Install a class III bike route on Walnut Boulevard from Bellows Court to Mountain View Boulevard in unincorporated Walnut Creek. The pedestrian path will be either an asphalt shoulder with berm separator or an asphalt path behind existing curb and gutter. No improvements are currently proposed for the south/west side of Walnut Boulevard but could be considered at a later date.

Background Information
A community meeting was held on February 27, 2012 at the Walnut Heights Elementary School to discuss bike and pedestrian safety improvements. Two options for pedestrian and bike improvements were presented to the community:

Option 1 – Construct class II bike lanes on both sides of the street and a pedestrian path on the east side of the street. This option includes pavement widening for bike lanes and a pedestrian path. Since this is a more expensive option, the available funding will result in a shorter length of project to extend from Bellows Court to just beyond McConnell Lane.
Option 2 – Construct a pedestrian path on the east side of the street to join existing sidewalk at Clarkin Ct. Install class III bike route signage between Bellows Court and Mountain View Boulevard. Because this option includes only five feet of widening for the pedestrian path, it is a less expensive option, which allows the pedestrian path to extend approximately 2,600 feet to Mountain View Boulevard.

To see the Power Point presentation from the February 27, 2012 meeting click on this link: February 27th meeting.

• Option 2 was selected as the preferred option in order to: maximize project length given the available funding, connect to existing sidewalk at Clarkin Court, minimize disruption to fronting property owners and minimize tree removal. The links below provide the preliminary layout for Option 2.
• An arborist visited the site to consider the layout of Option 2. The arborist estimated 8 trees would require removal for construction of the path.
• The County traffic engineer will be consulted during project design regarding optimum crosswalk locations.
• Speed feedback signs were included in the Safe Route to School (SR2S) application as a traffic calming measure.
• Safe Route to School application for Option 2 was submitted to the State on March 30th

General Location: Walnut Boulevard from Bellows Court to Mountain View Blvd.
Supervisory District: #4
Thomas Brothers Map Reference: 612, F-6
Funding Amount: Seeking funding of approximately $1,000,000
Tentative Construction Date: If SR2S funds awarded, construction will begin in June 2015

Project Links
Overall Project Site Plan as submitted in Safe Route to School (SR2S) Application 
Project Layout from Bellows Court to Sutherland Drive (Sheet 1, 11x17 exhibit)
Project Layout from Sutherland Drive to McConnell Lane (Sheet 2, 11x17 exhibit) 
Project Layout from McConnell Lane to Mandala Court (Sheet 3, 11x17 exhibit) 
Project Layout from Mandala Court to Clarkin Court (Sheet 4, 11x17 exhibit) 
Project Layout from Clarkin Court to Saddle Oaks Court (Sheet 5, 11x17 exhibit) 
Project Layout from Saddle Oaks Court to Mountain View Boulevard (Sheet 6, 11x17 exhibit)
Project Status Update Memo - March 21, 2012
Project Status Update Memo - September 11, 2012