Legal Assistants

Legal Assistants
The Department employs full-time and temporary legal assistants. The primary duty of the paralegals is to assist attorney staff with initial interviews and interactions with clients in the Department. For example, legal assistants interview prospective new clients of the Department in the jails and in our offices. 

Additionally, a paralegal contacts clients of the Department subject to Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) proceedings, who are housed in various mental health facilities throughout Northern California.

Salary and Benefits
For the job description, salary and benefits, see below:

How To Apply
Due to the limited number of such positions, openings are infrequent. Permanent positions are filled through a competitive civil service examination process conducted by the county's Human Resources Departments. 

Persons interested in applying for this position should contact the Contra Costa County Human Resources Department and monitor its list of examinations.