The Contra Costa County Bar Association (CCCBA) offers three legal services at no fee or sliding scale fee.

Lawyer Referral Service of Contra Costa County
 or call  (925) 825-5700
  • Provides education and advice on over 100 legal topics;
  • Mediator services are available


A 30 minute meeting with a lawyer is $30.00.  Direct services beyond the initial session are based on the lawyer's regular fee scructure.  
Free classes in different areas of the law (i.e., bankruptcy, family law, etc.
Moderate Means Income Legal Services (925) 686-6900 
Discounted legal fees for those that qualify.  
Virtual Self-Help Law Center 
Family law, domestic violence, divorce, guardianship, landlord/tenant, and court procedure workshops. Legal forms are available.  
No fee  
Please be advised that nothing found here has been reviewed with the expertise required to provide you with complete information.  The information in this Resource Guide is merely to aid you in your search for local agencies. Review the materials carefully to determine if the agencies listed provide the assistance you are seeking. Contra Costa County cannot be held responsible for the information obtained from these agencies and recommends that you perform due diligence prior to releasing personal information regarding your circumstances