Advertised & Upcoming Construction Projects

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Advertised Projects

Project Name                                                                          
Cost Estimate
Bid Due Date
2017 Pipe Rehabilitation Service Contract for Various Road
Maintenance work
$150,000 May 9, 2017
Byron Highway at Camino Diablo Intersection Improvements
$1,820,000 Bid Results
Main Street, Byron Sidewalk Improvements
Bid Results

Alhambra Valley Rd Safety Rancho La Boca Rd to Ferndale Rd
$661,000 Bid Results
2017 On-Call Sweeping Contract(s) for Var Road Maintenance Work
$200,000 Bid Results
San Pablo and Wildcat Creeks Levee Remediation
$1,068,000 Bids Results
Balfour Road Shoulder Widening
$5,710,000 Bid Results
Countywide Trash Capture Project
(1 & 5, Montalvin, Rodeo, Bay Point)
$250,000 Bid Results
2017 On-Call Concrete Services for Various Road and Flood Control
Maintenance Work (Various)
NA Bid Results

Proposed Projects

Project Name Cost Estimate Advertise Date
Alhambra Valley Road Washout
(1-El Sobrante/Pinole)
NA Spring 2017
Canal Road Bridge Replacement
(5-Bay Point)
$1,500,000 March 2017
Clifton Court Road and Jersey Island Road Bridge Repair
(3-East County)
$150,000 May 2017
Morgan Territory Road Bridge Repair
$260,000 2017
Rio Vista Elementary Pedestrian Connection Project
(5-Bay Point)
$441,000 April 25, 2017
Bay Point Sign Upgrade Project
(5-Bay Point)
$329,000 Spring 2018
Phase II Pomona Street Pedestrian Safety Project
$125,000 Summer 2018