Advertised & Upcoming Construction Projects

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Advertised Projects

Project Name                                                                          
Cost Estimate
Bid Due Date
Alhambra Valley Road Repair Washout
(1-El Sobrante/Pinole)
Bids Opened
Canal Road Bridge Replacement
(5-Bay Point)
June 06, 2017
Morgan Territory Road Slide Repair
Alt $250,000
Bids Opened
2017 Pipe Rehabilitation Service Contract for Various Road
Maintenance work
$150,000 Bid Results
2017 On-Call Grinding Services Contract for Various Road Maintenance'
$200,000 Bid Results
Byron Highway at Camino Diablo Intersection Improvements
$1,820,000 Bid Results
Main Street, Byron Sidewalk Improvements
Bid Results

Alhambra Valley Rd Safety Rancho La Boca Rd to Ferndale Rd
$661,000 Bid Results
2017 On-Call Sweeping Contract(s) for Var Road Maintenance Work
$200,000 Bid Results
San Pablo and Wildcat Creeks Levee Remediation
$1,068,000 Bids Results
Balfour Road Shoulder Widening
$5,710,000 Bid Results
Countywide Trash Capture Project
(1 & 5, Montalvin, Rodeo, Bay Point)
$250,000 Bid Results
2017 On-Call Concrete Services for Various Road and Flood Control
Maintenance Work (Various)
NA Bid Results

Proposed Projects

Project Name Cost Estimate Advertise Date
Clifton Court Road and Jersey Island Road Bridge Repair
(3-East County)
$150,000 May 2017
Morgan Territory Road Bridge Repair
$260,000 2017
Rio Vista Elementary Pedestrian Connection Project
(5-Bay Point)
$441,000 April 25, 2017
Bay Point Sign Upgrade Project
(5-Bay Point)
$329,000 Spring 2018
Phase II Pomona Street Pedestrian Safety Project
$125,000 Summer 2018
Rodeo Downtown Infrastructure Project 
$438,000 Summer 2018
Marsh Creek Road Traffic Safety Improvements
(3 & 4 - Clayton/Brentwood)
$811,900 Summer 2019
San Pablo Dam Road Sidewalk Gap Closure
(1-El Sobrante)
$426,000 Summer 2019