Homeland Security Unit

The CCCSO Homeland Security Unit’s (HSU) primary mission is to develop and maintain positive partnerships between the Office of the Sheriff, its infrastructure partners and other local, state and Federal law enforcement intelligence agencies in order to share critical information to safeguard persons and property.

The Homeland Security Unit is also responsible for the following:
  • Processing tips and leads related to possible terrorist activity Investigating suspicious incidents directly related to Contra Costa County and its supporting infrastructure
  • Processing and responding to requests for information from local, State and Federal agencies regarding specific infrastructure sites and/or hazards
  • Serving as liaison with various local, state and federal agencies to address multi-jurisdictional issues
  • Working directly with infrastructure sites within Contra Costa County to provide vulnerability and security assessments

Damage to infrastructure and areas where large populations gather can have devastating effects on the lives of our citizens, not to mention the local, state, national and international economies. Partnering with the community helps identify and mitigate unnecessary risks for accidental as well as intended events. Reporting / sharing suspicious activity to the Homeland Security Unit is one step in reducing those risks.

Reporting Suspicious Information
If you see something, report it.

All citizens living in working in Contra Costa County are responsible for reporting information that may help identify individuals and/or groups that may be involved in potential criminal and/or terrorist activity.

For potentially immediate threats, contact your local law enforcement agency.
To report a crime in which you were a victim, contact your local law enforcement agency.
For all other suspicious activity within Contra Costa County, contact the Homeland Security Unit (HSU) at 925-313-9612, or e-mail HSU@so.cccounty.us

The Homeland Security Unit will review all suspicious activity reports it receives and will determine the appropriate course of action for each incident. Depending on the nature of the activity, the Homeland Security may or may not contact you. No other follow up is required on the part of the reporting party.