TET Listings

 Tactical Employment Team (TET) Vacancy Listings

Tactical Employment Team vacancies are only for those individuals who were terminated as a result of layoff from Contra Costa County within the last four years or permanent employees currently in the process of being laid off.

This page will be updated as vacancies occur.

Before applying, please review the job specification by clicking on the Job Title below:

Date Posted

Job Title



Salary Range

Posting Number
03/27/2017  CLERK-EXPERIENCED LEVEL HSD   Concord   $2,905.86 - $3,605.42 Monthly  1201
 03/27/2017   CLERK-EXPERIENCED LEVEL HSD Martinez   $2,905.86 - $3,605.42 Monthly 1202
(Spanish Speaking)
HSD San Pablo   $2,905.86 - $3,605.42 Monthly 1203
 03/29/2017   CLERK-EXPERIENCED LEVEL Library  Martinez   $2,905.86 - $3,605.42 Monthly   1204
  03/29/2017  ACCOUNT CLERK SUPERVISOR  EHSD  Martinez  $4,351.57 - $5,557.13 Monthly 1205

For the TET Application, please click here

Application must be completed thoroughly, signed and submitted to:
exam@hrd.cccounty.us Please note TET and the posting number in the subject line of the email. Only one application is required.

If you wish to apply for any of the above classifications and your application has been submitted, please send an email to exam@hrd.cccounty.us within three days of the date posted. Please note TET and the posting number in the subject line of the email.


For a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding layoff and TET information, click here

In addition to the postings listed above, candidates are encouraged to apply for any open examination through the standard examination process, which can be found here 


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