West County Detention Facility

West County Detention Facility
West County Detention Facility
5555 Giant Highway Richmond
Richmond, CA 94806
Ph: (510) 262-4200
Opened in 1991, this is the newest of the detention facilities. The West County Detention Facility (W.C.D.F.) is a direct supervision, medium-security, new generation jail designed to:
  • Operate as a coeducational, program-oriented facility.
  • House those sentenced inmates who do not qualify for the county's other sentenced facilities as well as "special needs" populations.

This site houses up to 1,104 inmates within the confines of five housing units, four for males and one for females, with separate recreation areas.

The grounds also contain individual:
  • Courtyards
  • Educational classrooms
  • Library facilities
  • Chaplain program

Inmates have the ability to leave the housing units for classes, doctor's appointments or scheduled visits. Deputies patrol the facility and double-fenced perimeter on bicycles, as well as in marked police vehicles.