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The Inmate Industries Engraving/Sign Shop is a non-profit organization, which provides signs, banner, plaques and other personalized products,

Please note that services are only available to government and non-profit organizations, we cannot fulfill private party requests.

Our sole purpose when we started the program in 1999 was to provide inmates with specialized training in a variety of skills including engraving, banner production, sign fabrication as well as decaling and detailing of county vehicles. Our hope is that upon learning good work ethics, skills and the building of their self-esteem and confidence, they will be able to find gainful employment upon their release. To date, 15 former inmates have found jobs based on the skills received in this program.

As a result of Inmate Industries Engraving/Sign shop, we are able to provide government agencies and non-profit organizations with high quality plaques, banners, indoor and outdoor signage (including American Disabilities Act Compliant and Braille) at significantly reduced prices, thus saving the taxpayers money.

If you have any questions or wish to place an order, please call the Engraving/Sign Shop at (510) 262-4268 or e-mail: cocosigns@so.cccounty.us

Thank you for visiting our website.

Tim Leary
Inmate Industries Supervisor

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