Central Identification Services

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Central Indentification Services
2530 Arnold Drive, 
Ste 170, 
Martinez, CA  94553

Ph: (925) 335-1600
Central Identification Services, in conjunction with Alameda County, operates and maintains the two-county Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). The AFIS system has a database containing more than 680,000 fingerprint cards from both counties. Using this database, the Section:
  • Searches rolled fingerprints to discover a list of candidates, which may contain the identity of any person arrested or booked in Contra Costa County.
  • Searches latent fingerprints (fingerprints developed on evidence gathered at crime scenes) against the database in order to discover possible candidates who may have been involved in the perpetration of a crime.
  • Once candidates have been located in the AFIS system, the fingerprints submitted by the arresting police agency are compared by Fingerprint Technicians or Fingerprint Examiners to master fingerprint cards on file. The fingerprint comparison is done to positively establish a subject's identity.