Alcohol, Drug, and Toxicology

Forensic Lab
Alcohol, Drug, & Toxicology Section
1960 Muir Rd.
Martinez, CA 94553
Ph: (925) 313-2800
This section consists of four Units:
  • Alcohol Analysis
  • Drug Analysis
  • Toxicology
  • Clandestine Laboratory Analysis

Each unit plays a role in accomplishing the section’s four principal tasks. These include analysis of the following:
  • Controlled substances seized by police officers
  • Blood, breath, and urine samples for alcohol
  • Blood and urine samples, and post-mortem tissues / fluids for drug and toxic substances.
  • Chemicals seized from suspected drug manufacturing sites.

Case work is performed for all law enforcement agencies in Contra Costa and in Solano Counties. Staff members also provide expert testimony of findings in court proceedings.