Inmate Programs & Services

March Creek Detention Facility
Educational / Vocational Programs provided through a contract between the Office of the Sheriff and the Contra Costa County Office of Education include:
  • DEUCE (substance abuse, anger and stress management, job development)
  • Adult Basic Education
  • GED / High School Diploma preparation and testing
  • Independent Study
  • Woodshop (manufactures wood toys and refurbishes bicycles for donation to underprivileged children at Christmas)

Over two-thirds of the inmates participate in a variety of educational / training opportunities offered at M.C.D.F. The Marsh Creek Detention Facility Woodshop Program denotes approximately 1,300 wood toys and 250 refurbished bikes annually to 30 non-profit organizations.

Other Vocational Programs
  • Landscape Program teaches participants such landscape skills as soil preparation; planting and maintenance of trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers, grass, and other ground cover; and the design and implementation of irrigation projects.
  • Viticulture Program teaches basic vineyard skills such as soil preparation, irrigation system development and maintenance, planting and propagation of vines, pruning techniques, pest control, and harvesting of grapes.

  • Library Services include a full service browsing library. Weekly delivery of books and periodicals on rolling carts is provided to each inmate housing unit as well as delivery of specific books requested. A wide selection of books and periodicals are available for check out. A limited amount of Internet research is provided.
  • Legal Services include a Law Librarian to answer legal questions or to provide legal material highlighted on inmate requests.
  • Full-time chaplains provide chaplaincy services on a voluntary basis through a contract between the Office of the Sheriff and Good News Jail & Prison Ministry. Over 200 volunteers assist the chaplains in meeting the diverse religious and spiritual needs of all inmates. Chaplains provide counseling services, they organize or coordinate religious services and bible studies, they deliver requested religious materials, and they review all requests for religious diets.
  • Friends Outside Services include assistance in contacting inmate families, friends, and the community; arranging visitations; letter writing; filling our forms, etc. Other services include providing suitable clothing for trial or upon release, emergency food and/or clothing for inmate families, crisis intervention, referrals to other programs, and job placement.