Custody Alternative Facility

Custody Alternative Facility
Custody Alternative Facility
1011 Las Juntas
Martinez, CA 94553
This unit is responsible for administering programs in which qualifying inmates may choose an alternative to incarceration.

Violation of program regulations can result in:
  • Rejection from the program
  • Returning to a detention facility

Fees are assessed for program participation resulting in self-funded operations.

Program Options
Options available to inmates include: 
  • Work Alternative Program: A program where inmates provide labor in exchange for sentenced days. For additional information on this program please call (925) 313-4251.
  • Home Detention Program: Inmates wear electronic home detention ankle bracelets to monitor their daily whereabouts. This permits an inmate to be a productive member of society by maintaining employment and family responsibilities while serving time. For more information on this program please call (925) 313-4260.
  • County Parole: Inmates are granted parole specifications in lieu of incarceration, and may be remanded to county detention facilities for violations as determined by a parole hearing board. For more information on this program please call (925) 313-4260.